Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Practice #1

Halloween is coming. I usually don't care much, but last year I discovered an artist who had a very interesting pumpkin carving technique, and I've been looking forward to trying it myself. The artist's name is Ray Villafane; I'll post the link to his myspace at the bottom of this post (I don't want you to look at his work until you've seen mine. He sets the bar way too high.) I decided that I should practice before I spend a lot of time on a big pumpkin, so I bought three little pumpkins for practice. Here's a picture of my first attempt:

Probably not award winning, but hey, for a first shot at this, I'm pretty happy. Plus, the little pumpkins have some kind of stupid shell that I had to chisel off. I don't think the big ones have that. Seeing as Halloween is on Friday, I'll try to whip out the next two practice pumpkins in the next two days and post them. And, as promised, here is Ray's myspace. I think this guy cheats or something.

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SeanC said...

Thats great! What exactly was his technique?